• deAlbumin™ - Lyophilized, sterile rHSA for cell culture
  • deAlbumin™ - sterile, 10% - 20% solution in DPBS
  • deAlbumin™ - sterile, cell culture tested
  • deAlbumin™, hight purity rHSA from P. pastoris

deAlbumin, for cell culture

Synonym: recombinant human serum albumin, alb, rHSA

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DA01-1G > 10 Lyophilized Neuron, MSC, CM 90.0
DA01-20-25ML > 10 20% in DPBS Neuron, MSC, CM 380.0
DA06-10-25ML Ship on 2021.03.22 10% in DPBS iPSC, Neuron 250.0
DA07-20-25ML > 10 20% in DPBS T-cell, MSC 380.0
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Biological source
human, recombinant expressed in Pichia pastoris
≥98% Albumin, ≥90% monomer by PAGE
Mol. wt
monomer ~67 kDa
≤1 EU/mg protein
Storage temp.
ALB (Human)


Boost Cell Viabilities in Chemical Defined Medium

When serum albumin is isolated from serum or recombinant hosts, a handful of bioactive molecules are associated with it. These impurities of albumin cause its lot-to-lot performance variation.

We study the small molecule profile of albumin, and formulate highly purified albumin accordingly, to reconsititute albumin's optimum performance for each cell types.

deAlbumin™ products are tested with iPS, T-Cell, MSC and Neuron.

Albumin enhances cell growth.