Medium Supplement

Aiming to reinforce the corner stone of modern bioproduction and cell therapy application, our expert team has spend years to study human serum albumin, as the last undefined components in cell culture medium.

As chapter <1043> of US Pharmacopeia has categorized FBS as the tier 4, the highest risk level, ancillary substance for gene and cell product, being one of the mostly used FBS-substituting component, albumin plays critical roles in supporting healthy cell growth.

At Albcura, we employed a patent-pending process to produce the highest purity of recombinant human serum albumin formulated with a pool of defined chemicals found in plasma derived albumin which shows most robust performance for an array of cell types.

The first generation of deAlbuminTM is specifically designed for hybridoma cell, and we have several new formula coming soon, the applicable cells includes MSC, T-cells and others.

We also offer customization service for your needs, please see here or Contact Us for more details.